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Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and their answers for the convenience of UPLIFT users. You can select the category and your question so that it will take you to the corresponding answer. You can also post any specific questions by sending your query to

What is UPLIFT?

UPLIFT stands for -Universal Platform for Logistics & Integrated Freight Transport. It is a joint initiative between ACAAI - the apex trade association of IATA recognized Indian air cargo agents and Kale Logistics Solutions Private Limited to develop an electronic collaboration platform for the Indian Logistics industry. It endeavors to create a cargo community system platform which will enable 15000+ b Indian Freight Forwarding (FF) and Custom House Agent (CHA) organizations to electronically communicate within themselves and with other stakeholders like Shippers, Consignee Airports, Seaports, Airlines, Transporters, and Customs etc.

UPLIFT will eliminate the manual operations, paperwork, and redundant data entry and bring in the shipment visibility across the value chain. UPLIFT will act as both a business to business (B2B) portal and a business to consumer (B2C) portal for trade community members to conduct electronic transactions.

What are the benefits of using UPLIFT?

UPLIFT is a multi-modal electronic collaboration platform that connects the Indian Air cargo community to:

  • Facilitate Interactions (Transactions) between cargo stakeholders Act as an Information Repository
  • Provide Automation for Internal Business processes
Which industry stakeholders can connect and transact on UPLIFT?

All service providers critical to the cargo supply chain will be able to connect on UPLIFT viz,

  • Airlines
  • Forwarders
  • Customs House Agents
  • Transporters
  • Banks
  • Custodians
As a forwarder what are the benefits available to me?

Most of the forwarders receive information in the form of shipment papers (Commercial Invoice, Packing List, SLI) which they input in their internal operation system, if they have one. They then generate the customs files, waybills, carting receipts for the customs, carriers and airport operators respectively. With UPLIFT the entire shipment data will come from shipper electronically to them, this will then be processed by their internal system to create waybills, customs entries and carting receipts respectively without any manual intervention and. Most importantly, getting status updates through EDI messages will give the forwarder complete shipment visibility that he can share with his customer. This will ensure a reduction in resource costs, communication costs and costs due to errors. Also the shipment turnaround time will improve significantly.

As a Shipper what are the benefits available to me?

With UPLIFT, shippers will get the data electronically from their vendors, process it through their ERP systems and then generate and send the shipment information to the Forwarder and/or CHA. This will save them a lot of data entry costs, data transfer errors and communication costs.

As an Airline what are the benefits available to me?

Airlines can receive the booking AND waybill data electronically thus eliminating staff time and paper management. Moreover, airlines can also give shipment visibility information to the forwarders and/or shippers.